(I've just realised I can time my posts to go out at a certain time, meaning I hope you don't get bombarded with little bits of my blog posts, in succession!)

Anyhows - yes, so the last 2 pictures show an example of what I've been up to with drawing and watercolour.

I've also, been experimenting with another style of pen work, and water colour; I'm liking water colour more now - as long as I don't use it too loosely as I seem to create a bit of a mess! I prefer to use a semi-wet brush which allows me to have more control of what I'm doing. These have been fun kinds of art - not serious stuff.

And here are some examples: (I think they'd be great in kid's bedrooms!)

Colouring Books

Exciting Stuff!

I'm a bit excited to say, that I'm now having my 2 colouring books - 'Big Hair Art' and 'Toff Cats' printed independently now and not just with Amazon. The books i am doing myself have 120gsm paper quality ( which i think I'm right in saying is about double the thickness of my books on Amazon - which I might add you have no control over).  And - Toff Cats, i am now able to offer as a wire bound book, making it much better for colouring as it will lie flat. I will get some Big Hair books printed as wire bound, but I have a few here still to sell, that I had done a while ago (still 120gsm paper), so I shall wait til they have gone first.

More news to follow on the books - but that will wait for next time!

I should be able to keep this blog up to date more now my website is completely up dated. I just got that finished today with my new colouring books and other art works for sale ...... why don't you take a little looksi?(!) x


I cannot believe where the time has gone! The last time I posted to my blog here was 26th March! Lummy loos - it just flies by, eh? Obviously I've been busy; not just with my art - though that is my major busy-ness! But also with the garden. Which is pretty big as it happens. (And I was - still am I suppose), a Garden Designer when I was working, so therefore when we moved in here 5 years ago, with this mooosive blank canvas of a garden, I created all these planting beds. and they need lots of looking after. So, thats what I've also been up to.

But art wise, well. Where to begin. I'll keep this short and add to it as and when, but in the main, yes, I've been working on new techniques with pencil and graphite drawings, and then by adding water colours to a printed version (on a good inkjet water colour paper).